The Black Tree Fern

The inspiration for the Black Tree Fern Collection springs directly from its namesake. The tallest tree fern in New Zealand, the Black Tree Fern, or Mamaku, graces the forest canopy with ancient grace and giant splendour. With a bruised black trunk that seems covered in fish scales and limbs thicker than a human arm, the ferns seem truly to have come from mythical times, and their magical, drooping canopy was the genesis for these dark, visceral pieces. 

This collection is a collaboration with Treology and Powersurge Metalworks. Treology is a business that has held luxury furniture making in its heart for 150 years. With our designs and their focus on sourcing sustainable materials and exemplary craftsmanship, every piece in this graceful collection is timeless. Like the Flow collection, Treology brings a sense of history to these pieces, a feeling of being made from ancient sources. The team at Powersurge have a keen eye for beauty and a delicate hand with construction that belies the sharp strength of their material. And with their dramatic unfurling, we hope you get a sense of the awed wonder we get every time we walk among these forest giants.