Product Care

Conformity to Description

Our products are handcrafted from natural materials. While we make every effort to comply with description, there may be slight variations from product to product as irregularities in colour, grain or texture of products cannot be controlled and provide you with the unique product you are looking to purchase. LyZadie Design Studio will not be liable for any such variances or irregularities.


Price and Invoicing

All prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST.  For international orders, GST will be excluded.

Prices quoted exclude delivery, installation, insurance in transit, handling charges, local taxes or equivalent.  Third party charges are your responsibility except as expressly agreed by us in writing.

Payment is due within 10 days following which we will start processing your order. 


Shipment and Delivery

We will confirm the period of shipment or delivery upon acceptance of an order.  This is subject to change depending on your destination and any circumstances that are out of the control of LyZadie Design Studio.  Because our products are crafted by third parties, we will not be liable for any delay in delivery but will do our best to ensure that you get the products within the timeframes specified.

LyZadie Design Studio and our freight partner accept no liability for any loss or damage if you give authority for the courier to leave our products with a third party or left unattended (location nominated by you).

You may be responsible for additional costs for unusual access not advised in writing and if the nominated site is not ready to accept the products on the delivery date. If you fail to provide us with any appropriate instructions, documents, licences or authorisations for the delivery to be completed, we reserve the right to invoice you all additional costs that this may incur.

If there are any faults with your purchase on receipt of the goods, please make contact within 48 hours of receiving the order. 



All product orders are subject to these terms.  No other terms and conditions apply, except as required by law.


Looking after your products

Natural materials require care to look their best. Key tips for looking after your products are as follow. Note recommendations are a guide only.

All our products are designed for indoor use only unless expressly stated. Please keep your products away from direct sunlight and moisture.  Do not use harsh cleaning products like oils or solvents.

Always use coasters to avoid scratches.




To enjoy your furniture for many years please follow these simple instructions:

 Care Information

  • It is advisable that hot containers (coffee cups) be placed on heat resistant pads (coasters). Objects that can be comfortably held in the hand can generally be placed on the furniture.

  • If any sticky marks (e.g. raspberry jam, tomato sauce etc) need to be removed use a damp cloth (well wrung out so that is not wet) with luke warm mild soapy water and wipe off with a dry cloth.

  • Care should be taken that wet items are not placed on the table surface as white moisture marks may be left on the oiled finish. We recommend using coasters for any cold bottles/glasses that have condensation on the outside of the glass to prevent a pale ring mark forming on the surface of the table.

  • Any spilt liquid should be wiped up immediately and preferably not allowed to dry.


General Maintenance Care

Please follow these care instructions to further maintain the finish on your table.

For general maintenance please use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029) available directly from Natural Oils Ltd, 218H Marua Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland. Phone 09 575 9849

The Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner is available as a 400ml aerosol spray can.

  1. Spray a light film of Osmo Wax Cleaner on the table surface

  2. Rub sparingly into the surface along the direction of the grain with a soft lint free cloth. The wax is formulated to rejuvenate and clean at the same time.

  3. Wait 5 minutes then remove any excess spray using the same cloth.

  4. Polish/buff the area using a soft clean lint free cloth.



If signs of wear and tear are more substantial, the table should be re-treated with Osmo Polyx Oil (3032) available through Natural Oils Ltd.

  1. Shake Osmo Oil (3032) bottle well before using.

  2. Roll a cotton cloth into a tight ball and place a small amount of Osmo Oil on the cloth.

  3. Rub sparingly into the surface along the direction of the grain.

  4. Wait 10-20 minutes then remove any excess oil using the same cloth.

  5. Polish/buff the area using a soft clean cotton cloth.

NB. Used oily rags should be stored in a plastic zip lock bag to prevent air circulation and possible self-combustion. If disposing of an oily rag thoroughly wet thoroughly with water and dispose in a zip lock bag.

The table should only need to be oiled once a year under normal domestic use but can be re-oiled more frequently if required.



Remove dust with a soft lint free cloth.  If you wish to restore the shine use Brasso or similar product in accordance with the instructions. 

All Products

LyZadie Design Studio guarantees that all products sold are free from manufacturing faults and defects for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery.

The warranty guarantee does not cover:

- Any breakage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the products or damage due to force or accident.

- Changes caused by normal wear and tear.

- Any damage caused by lack of and/or improper maintenance or a failure to comply with the specified care instructions. 

- Degradation of finish caused by environmental factors.


Additional Terms

If there are any faults with your purchase on receipt of the goods, please make contact within 48 hours of receiving the order. If contact is made outside of the 48-hour window, you are at risk of voiding your warranty. For any additional queries - please contact LyZadie Design Studio on 00 64 21400233 or email us at