137cm L  x 40cm W x 48cm H

Handcrafted to order in Rimu, Polished Brass and Blackened Steel with used black leather belts.

The humble leather belt is the hero in this collection. Working with the talented makers at Sam James Furniture, Powersurge Metalworks and PLN Group, we have taken the stories of individual belts and woven them into a new tale of adventure. In sideboards, armoire, benches and more, the journey’s these belts once took are on display, rich in texture, deep in history.

Each leather belts represents the life of a New Zealander. A first kiss, first girlfriend or boyfriend, the first car, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, a wedding, the first trip overseas, etc. Each belt tells the life story of a New Zealander. In the bench seat there are 45 belts that’s 45 stories.

It takes 12 weeks, from order to delivery to your door, to receive your beautiful New Zealand product.

We ship worldwide.

New Zealand Made.

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