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Art by Rieko Woodford-Robinson – “Kiwi Mother and Child”.

A Working Mother’s Day

Mothers and caregivers the world over often juggle a busy work and home life. Creative Director, Lyzadie Renault is no exception. As a mother of four, managing the family, a new design business and her role as an architect is no easy task. It often seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Certainly, getting time to herself is more of a feat of engineering and logistics than simply making a note in her calendar. But like the millions of working parents out there, Lyzadie appreciates the wonderful elements of life that raising children have added to her professional practice.

Lyzadie, on holiday, travelling the world with her children.

Work Like You Mean It

Having children makes you appreciate the smaller things. The sigh of a child as they slip into sleep; the soft hush of eyelashes on a cheek; the smile of gratitude for the perfect answer. Children understand the importance of small things and having them in our lives helps us remember to prioritise. With children, it is impossible to say yes to everything. It means the work we do has to matter. Time is precious, so we often work with more focus, more determination, more dedication. It means we work like we mean it.

In Front Of Which Situation Did You Think: ” I Have Never Seen Something So Beautiful”?

“Seeing and holding my 4 children when they were born. Priceless. The whole moment of holding a new life when they take their first breath is a pretty powerful moment, especially after the physicality of giving birth. Very raw, very pure, very powerful and overwhelming. 4 of the most beautiful moments in my life…”

Lyzadie in an interview with 1.618 Paris.

Caregivers Are Super Heroes

Caring for small children gives us a new appreciation for our innate human skills. With tiny humans demanding our attention, our powers of efficiency increase. There is no better incentive to get the work finished, than a child ready and waiting to be collected from school. It also makes us expert negotiators. Being able to entice a child to get out the door fully dressed and on time is a highly honed negotiation skill and it’s equally as relevant in the boardroom and design room. Mothers and caregivers refine their practical skills with their every, single, day. It gives them superpowers when facing the rest of what busy careers have to offer.

Milla with Luna. The story of a mother who found out she had cancer straight after giving birth to her daughter. The beautiful story of a warrior mother and one that every mothers share in one way or another.

Raising Children Helps Us Find Who We Really Want To Be

Having another human dependent on us entices us all to look at ourselves anew. What is really important to us? What do we want to show our children? What makes us dream, sing, fly?What do we want them to remember us for? For LyZadie, it made her look at her priorities and think about how to bring her design ideas to life. For many others it brings a change in career, a rethink of their ideals, an amplification of their priorities. It’s a time of clarity that we can thank our children for.

In New Zealand, Mother’s Day follows the date in the USA and falls on the second Sunday of May. From all at LyZadie Design studio, may the mother’s and caregivers out there have a few moments of quiet, easy simplicity this coming Mother’s Day and we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day every single day of the year.

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