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At LyZadie Design Studio we strongly believe in sustainability. All our decisions come from this mindset. We are aware of the need to address social, economical and environmental issues and as a business we want to be part of the solution. It is our responsibility as a business to be environmentally responsible. We are not perfect yet we want to work towards doing our best for future generations.

To Make The Change, We Must Be The Change.

Our planet is facing unprecedented environmental changes. Never has there been a more urgent time to look at ourselves, at our business practices, and at our ethics to make sure that we are part of the difference rather than part of the problem. Whatever the cause of the pressures which are changing our weather patterns and the availability of resources, we can and must be part of what turns things around and enables our planet to remain a beautiful and vibrant home to all living beings.

At LyZadie Design Studio We Are Committed To Operating A Forward-Thinking Practice Which Puts Sustainability, Quality, And Personal Responsibility At The Centre Of Everything We Do.

Our designs have always focused on making a minimal environmental impact. We look for new materials that can operate in a circular economy – ensuring that the finite resources available aren’t exhausted by our manufacturing processes. Where possible, we use resources that have already seen a life, and bring them out of the line-up for landfill into new, lasting designs. What’s more we pride ourselves in providing transparency in that manufacture process.

We Believe Strongly That Luxury Must Not Cost Us The Earth Because Your Future Is Our Future.

We want our customers and clients to ask more questions. We want them to push us to check if there is a better way, a new way that no one has investigated yet. We want to be the part of the solution that is practical and always striving to check international best practice. We want to be true to ourselves and to you.

We will:

  • Always promote environmental responsibility and encourage the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Always choose suppliers whose focus on sustainability practices matches our own.
  • Recognise our part in ensuring that our suppliers, partners and distributors implement their own sustainability practices and therefore commit to addressing any changes within in our company to ensure we can work together to create a process that holds sustainability at its core.
  • Never be complicit in human rights abuses and commit to supporting our workers with a fair and living wage.
  • Require all our suppliers and distributors to similarly respect and support their workers with a fair wage and freedom to express themselves within the letter and spirit of local laws.

This is our commitment to sustainability: being conscious of every aspect of the course of our design, manufacture and distribution of our products. Here at LyZadie Design Studio we are serious about our future. And we hope this gives you the peace of mind that you too, are letting the planet continue to sing.

Our Materials

Used black leather belts are used in the ReLEATHERED Collection.

We carefully select raw, reclaimed or recycled materials for each collection.

We make sure the materials we choose last a long time. We are interested in creating high quality products that last many lifetimes.

We work towards sourcing sustainable local materials as much as we can to support our industry.

We also spend a lot of time researching sustainable innovative materials here in New Zealand and around the world and make sure these materials are kind to us, the manufacturers and the planet.

The Makers

Sam James from Sam James Furniture in the workshop in Tauranga making extraordinary beautiful furniture.

We select local makers to bring our creations to life. Having our products made in New Zealand is something we are very proud of.

Supporting local makers and businesses helps our community thrive. In doing so our makers can support their families, invest in new technology, train apprentices and invest in the craftsmanship in New Zealand.

Keeping it local is about supporting your community so it can help the world.

The Planet


As a young business we still have areas we need to work on to achieve our sustainability goals. We are working with The Better Packaging Company (who are determined to improve the state of the environment to find a solution) to resolve our sustainable packaging goals.

Climate Change

We are conscious we need to address the climate change crisis we are currently facing. As a global business we are faced with challenges to address our carbon footprint on the environment.

We have taken the initiative to offset and ideally completely reduce our carbon footprint by collaborating with Trees That Count, a New Zealand organisation which plant native trees to help the environment and to tackle climate crisis.

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