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Giving back

At LyZadie Design Studio, we strongly believe that being a sustainable business is also about giving back to our community.

As our planet faces unprecedented environmental changes, so too do our people. At LyZadie Design Studio, we are aware of the privileged position our work has allowed us to inhabit. Our business is about enriching lives through sustainable, beautiful design, and we believe it is our responsibility to help enrich and support the lives of others. We strongly believe we must look at where we’ve come from and where we want to be if we are to grow together towards and ethical and supportive future.

With that in mind, we have committed to supporting a range of charities doing great work in New Zealand/Aotearoa. We try and support a range of operations, small and large, many with a personal connection. Because of our commitment to sustainability, many of the charities focus on the environment, but we are also focused on supporting those who are our most vulnerable.

Each of our collection’s partners with a specific charity so your support, means their support.


He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
What is the most important thing in the world, it is people, people, people.

Maori proverb.

Amigo Nutrition

Making innovative medical technologies and products available and accessible to all is the ambition of Medicine Mondiale. Through advocacy, development and origination, they create strategic initiatives to promote healthcare innovation worldwide. We give a percentage to Medicine Mondiale towards their latest product launch the Amigo Bar , every time you buy a product in the WHITECLOUD Collection.

“One in five New Zealand school children go to school hungry, some without breakfast or lunch and it’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. Many more children have poor or limited diets lacking in the amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for healthy development.” Sir Ray Avery.

Homeless No More Aotearoa

Community focused and community lead, Homeless No More has recognised the need to serve the growing numbers of New Zealanders struggling to find shelter, warmth and food in their own terms. It runs a number of projects, including food distribution, and LyZadie Design is proud to be directly involved with helping design the P.I.P.I. Sanctuary: creating a purpose built abode for 64 as a pilot to serving the needs of the wider homeless community in Aotearoa. We give a percentage to Homeless No More Aotearoa towards the P.I.P.I. Sanctuary every time you buy a product in the ReLEATHERED Collection.


Shine is a national domestic abuse charity and runs a domestic abuse helpline to help keep people safe from domestic abuse and family violence.


Starship is the leading provider of paediatric health care in New Zealand and the South Pacific, with over 135,000 patient visits each year. It aims to provide health care in a child-friendly environment and is also a major teaching centre. Starship help save and extend life of many children. We give a percentage to the Starship Foundation every time you buy a product in the BLACKTREEFERN Collection.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

Gary Snyder


Forest and Bird

New Zealand’s inspirational natural beauty and majesty owes much to the commitment of Forest and Bird. This group advocate for our flora and fauna, providing a voice to vulnerable species and environments since 1923. Their work has saved countless acres and species from extinction and they continue to advocate for better legislation and protections for our threatened species and places.

We give a percentage to provide funds to help support their important work every time you buy a product from our FLOW Collection .

Trees That Count

Managed by Project Crimson that has been championing New Zealand native trees since 1990, Trees that Count seeks to directly counter climate change by simply, importantly, sustainable and consistently planting native trees. Hundreds of thousands have been planted this year alone, and if we are to continue to live on our planet, thousands more must be planted. We’re proud to support local work that will have such a huge impact on a global scale. We give money to this organisation to offset our carbon footprint and to make this place a better place.

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