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The memory of movement, left behind long after a body has passed through space.

This latest collection of bookends and candelabras, are inspired by an obsession with dance, with ancient katas, and the shapes the body makes as it repeats forms, and, intrinsically, with the solid heft of rock.

Born from the land, held in our crafter’s hands, reimagined as moving, timeless art objects. Solid rock, fluid movement and the lived history of designer Lyzadie, has intertwined to inspire a new series of works.

Lyzadie practiced martial arts for over ten years and the katas became engrained in her muscle memory. They are an intrinsic part of how she approaches space. It makes sense when viewed in the context of her practice as an architect and designer: the play of geometry and drawing, of visualising shapes comes to life in the inherently lyrical quality of all her designs.

Her love of stone has also found a home in these pieces. From Lyzadie, “I remember spending hours in the National History Museum in London. Much to my husband’s consternation. I pick up stones I like everywhere I go in nature.”

Meeting Amie Redpath in her studio in Whangarei Heads brought this passion for form, and a love of rock together in the most organic and graceful manner – focusing on the stone, urging new workout of ancient materials. The two women spoke at length about a multitude of ideas and projects and DANCEOFGEOMETRY came to life.

With such an emphasis on movement inspiring the collection, bringing the pieces together with the rigidity of organic metals could only come from Peter at Metalroom in Auckland. As usual, Peter understood exactly the construction detail required and the final products are simply, beautiful.

From Lyzadie’s initial sketch, through a complicated CAD process with designers like Mayank Thammalla, and a fabrication period with makers like Amie and Peter, there is a dance that happens across time and space.

These products are an effortless play of geometry, natural materials, and skill, crafted by the dance of hands in workshops across New Zealand.


Giving back

Every time we sell a product in this collection we give back a percentage of the sales to Youthline.

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