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The power of artistic collaboration has always been at the heart of the LyZadie Design Studio. This latest collection, LETSWEAVE, is perhaps the clearest and most visually compelling illustration of this powerful ethos. Our new LETSWEAVE round dining table holds history and craft, nature and art at its very core, to create a circle of inspiration: art inspiring art.

Studio director Lyzadie met artist Sheree Willman in Wellington and the two instantly formed a connection over their love and admiration for the Māori practice of creating Tukutuku panels – woven panels that traditionally adorn Māori meeting houses. Sheree’s artistic practice led her to paint tāniko patterns, a uniquely Māori variation of whatu (twining), used to weave the colourful intricate borders of kakahu (cloak) and kete whakairo (patterned bags), and Lyzadie was immediately captivated by her work.

Bringing life to Sheree’s paintings in the form of furniture or objects was an invigorating challenge, necessitating research and an open dialogue on the Māori concepts, colours, and culture within. There is always a deep history within tukutuku panels, often with mythology behind the patterns, something Sheree relishes delving into, and which Lyzadie has found resonated with her Pacifica heritage.

But while the sketches and designs sprang forth, it wasn’t until artist Chantel Matthews invited Lyzadie to exhibit at the recent WANA exhibition that the sketches came to life. For Lyzadie, this collection embodies the exhibition that brought it life. Ihi is the energy of the inspiration, Wehi is the response, and Wana is the LETSWEAVE Collection. Lyzadie says “I believe Wana is something positive that weaves a strong story across time and space based on good values of community and support. When we stand together and support each other, we are stronger. Grounded and supported by the energy of nature.”

Then as if fate intervened, Lyzadie and Dylan McKay from Bespoke Timber Design began talking about her design and after hours of drawings and design discoveries, the LETSWEAVE round Dining Table was given life. With a background in superyacht design and craft, and years creating bespoke furniture, Dylan understood innately the impeccable craft that would be required to create this piece. What would be coaxed from the timber would tell a story, one that stopped people in their tracks. Made of reclaimed rimu and kauri timber, the piece holds history and hope tightly at its heart. It is steeped in the whakapapa of its design and its makers and we are so excited for you to see it.



Every Time We Sell A Product In This Collection We Give Back A Percentage Of The Sales To Youthline.

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With our designs and their focus on sourcing sustainable materials and exemplary craftsmanship, every piece in this graceful collection is timeless.

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