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2020 was a year for history books. Life changed in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of, and we all responded differently. The rolling international lockdowns transformed life for many; our senses were suspended, our lives stepped through carefully as we checked who, where, what we touched; what we sensed, tasted, felt. For a moment there was a pause.

In New Zealand we were literally miles away from the rest of the world. The physical distance of life in the Pacific was brought close. Emotions were an ever-shifting thing. For some, moving from high to low and back was exhilarating, for others it was utterly exhausting. It felt like we were at sea, the ocean raging above and the depths deep and boundless. For many it was a forced time of introspection. A time to take a deep, personal look at priorities and aspirations. It was, indeed, like looking through windows into our souls.

What a view. Many of us discovered there were rich layers to explore and rediscover as we looked inward. In some ways it was like travelling to a new land: exciting, uncomfortable, beautiful and very scary. There were hidden ideas and beliefs we had forgotten, and in some cases, philosophies and concepts we’d subconsciously discarded and realized were vital. For those of us lucky enough to be able to use this time to dig deep and breathe, this was a time to uncover our real priorities in life. It was profound, and it changed many people forever.

Creative Director, Lyzadie, experienced this deep, rich journey. She is forever thankful of the privilege being able to use this time for reinvention and creativity has afforded her, aware that the journey through this pandemic has been much harder for millions of others the world over.

This insight and her deep investigation into self has led her to design the SOULWINDOW Collection. A reflection of self and not-self, of hope and potential. The wood is layered, representing the paths through internal journeys: some thicker, dense, harder. While other layers of timber are easy, thin and supple. The negative spaces – the windows – are the freedom that this pause allowed her, a way to weave a different story for herself.

The SOULWINDOW Collection is a rich, opulent mix of various native timbers, brass and glass. All sustainable, natural materials that hold the integrity of what we all hope our future will be after this global pause. As we look to our souls, may the windows show us promise, hope, and a renewed commitment to love ourselves and each other.


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