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Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Cloud. The original derivation of Aotearoa, the common Maori word for New Zealand, isn’t known for certain. But this idea, of a land swathed in white, of a world lost in time, is what generated the initial spark that became The WHITE CLOUD Collection. Imagining Maori chief, Kupe, catching his first glimpse of New Zealand, captured our imaginations. Picturing him seeing a long white cloud hanging over a distant land mass, wondering about his hopeful expression, his wonder, his awe; it is this feeling we hoped to create in our first lighting collection.

Glass was always going to be at the heart of this work. Fluid, light, translucent, simple, hand blown glass provides the versatility and fragility we needed to showcase the elegance of our imagined clouds. Working with Monmouth Glass Studio, the absolute best in the business, we spent over a year experimenting and then refining the design of our pendants. The long stretch of cloud in our imagined history was impossible to create, so instead, the collection is formed of singularly beautiful white cloud pendants, which, when hung together, form The Long White Cloud so intrinsically connected to New Zealand. This is light that holds grace, a form that echoes nature both old and new, and a collection that will expand over the coming months, just as the clouds roll across the sky.


Giving back

Every time we sell a product in this collection we give back a percentage of the sales to Amigo Nutrition.

Glass is such a versatile medium. It can be made into virtually any shape or form. For me, the people I work with make the work worthwhile.

Isaac from Monmouth Glass Studio.

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