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At LyZadie Design Studio we have long committed to use natural materials born from the land we call home: Aotearoa. This year we have taken that commitment a step further and used the actual earth of New Zealand.

New collection, EARTH&SKY, pairs rammed earth and clear glass in a union that is timeless, effortlessly graceful, and honours the resources in our local environment.

The large dining, round dining and side tables which feature in this collection bring nature within the home, connecting us on all levels with the earth. Like our timber collections, these works have the origin co-ordinates as part of their construction history. The provenance in the soil is important, it’s a rich natural resource, and knowing the place it has been brought from, in Te Kuiti near Pakeho, brings another level of connection to the work. From earth to table, table to soul. These are strong pieces, good for mind, body and spirit.

The EARTH&SKY Large Dining Table with the WHITE CLOUD Pendants above.

Having natural elements within interior schemes is a timeless way to showcase a respect and elegant use of the world’s resources. The beautiful soil that forms the basis for these pieces is a restful and holds physical connection to the world outside. The sheer physicality of the work also resonates deeply with all who touch it. The legs are heavy, sitting proudly and firmly on the earth, grounding us by their sheer presence.

EARTH&SKY is inspired by the traditional Maori love story of Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, earth mother. In the darkness before time, Ranginui, was pressed against Papatūānuku. They were devoted to each other, locked tight by love, till they were forced apart, breaking their love, but letting in light, and ultimately life. The EARTH&SKY collection showcases this light, and the design keeps things simple, allowing the materials’ natural beauty to shine through.

The EARTH&SKY Large Dining Table handcrafted in rammed earth and glass.

The use of white rammed earth evokes Papatūānuku, a grounding, nurturing presence: the soul of the land. In contrast, clear glass is used for Ranginui, for the sky, which is everything and nothing at once. As an architect, head designer Lyzadie, has wanted to use rammed earth in one of her collections for some time, a sample sat on her desk, calling to be shaped into beautiful timeless objects these past couple of years.

Then finally, the material led her to this design. Makers, Paul and Finn Gereats, a father and son team, shaped the rammed earth bases, and through them, their passion for this material shines clearly. Paul, who started Terra Firma, is an advocate for sustainable housing and his rammed earth technology is used to construct homes which are healthier for both humans and the environment.

New collaboration: Top left hand photo: Finn Gereats, 19 years old, Lyzadie and Paul Gereats. The father and son team from Terra Firma handmade the bases in rammed earth for the new collection – EARTH&SKY.

Right hand photo: Paul ramming walls on site.

At LyZadie Design Studio we continue to be inspired by the fertile rich resources of Aotearoa, of this planet. Each element of a collection is inspired by nature. By the wonderful world we live in. This time, it has been amazing to bring the earth under our feet into our designs and to honour its beauty, grace and vital spirit.

The large dining, round dining and side tables which feature in this collection bring nature within the home, connecting us on all levels with the earth.

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