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What a joy to be in the world. It feels like just as were finally free from the restrictions of the global shut down, here in New Zealand we were hit by vast flooding and erosion across the country. But with the rain and slips, has come incredible community. It reminds me again what it is to be human. To be there for each other, to look to how we walk on the land and to rethink our place in it all.

We have been busy with new projects and in bedding our current collections into some wonderful homes and work places. We are very grateful for our wonderful clients. Grateful too to the many organisations and groups who have nominated us and granted us a raft of awards!

  • PETA UK AWARD 2022 WINNER – Vegan Homeware Award.
  • APAC BUSINESS AWARDS 2022 WINNER – Best Luxury Furniture & Homeware Design Studio – New Zealand.
  • GLOBAL 100 2022 WINNER – Most Sustainable Design Studio.
  • 30 MOST VALUABLE BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2022 Shortlisted – The Silicon Review.
  • APAC Business Awards 2021 Winner – Best Sustainable Furniture Design Studio 2021, Australasia .
  • M&A Today Global Awards 2021 Winner – Most Sustainable Furniture Design Studio 2021, New Zealand.

But as always, our goal above all else is to consistently check in with our processes and products to ensure they fit with our mantra of conscious design and thoughtful production. Most recently, we were struck by a quote from Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer in their book, How to Live With Objects: A Modern Guide to More Meaningful Interiors:

“…it’s the objects you surround yourself with that truly give your home its soul… These objects are the story you tell the world about your personality and your obsessions, your experiences and your memories, your desires and your intentions.”

We believe that the soul of a place can be enriched not only by the objects it contains, but by the inspiration of those objects, their materials, and the heart and intention behind them. Our HOKEYPOKEY Collection for example springs from a simple summer memory, the smell of the ocean, the heat on skin, the joy of family all together. A sustainable outer skin in pale vanilla Pinatex and Merino clothes the armchair, daybed, ottoman, vases and light pendants. It flows over rescued river timber making for a bright, evocative piece to catch the eye within any room. But while its pared back white base is clean and simple, the brilliant lines of polished brass nuggets allow these pieces a sense of humour, of joyful, summer fun. They are steeped in their inspiration, hold true to the spark that gave them life.

We also believe that this personal touch can be translated into bespoke work. Infused with your personal narrative, the spark of an idea can create work that speaks to who you are, where you live, how you fit within your world. It is one of our greatest joys to see this spark and fire realised by our makers under the careful guidance of our design studio.

Our makers and materials ensure our work stands out and, in the beautiful words of Khemsurov and Singer, give your home its soul.

With love to you always,    X Lyzadie.

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