LyZadie Design Studio • RIPPLE


A delicate sanctuary,
built to last,
in every shard,
a story past,
of raindrops dancing,
patterns bold
the light, it echoes
our hopes, it holds.

In the heart of New Zealand’s breathtaking Milford Sounds, where rain cascades down sheer cliffs and rivers dance with the rhythm of nature, lies an inspiration that transcends the ordinary. It’s here, amidst the serene beauty of this natural wonder, that the idea of glass furniture and objects find its muse in the gentle ripple of raindrops on rivers. This inspiration has been masterfully captured and interpreted by the visionary designers at LyZadie Design Studio and the skilled artisans at Monmouth Glass Studio.

Drawing from the organic elegance of the Milford Sounds, glass furniture takes on a new dimension, blending the transparency of clear glass with the fluidity of water. Each piece embodies the essence of movement and tranquility, as if frozen in time amidst the eternal dance of rain and river.

At the forefront of this innovative approach is LyZadie Design Studio, where creativity meets sustainability. Recycled glass takes center stage, breathing new life into discarded materials and transforming them into functional works of art. With a commitment to environmental consciousness, LyZadie Design Studio not only captures the essence of nature but also contributes to its preservation through mindful production practices.

Collaborating with Monmouth Glass Studio, renowned for its craftsmanship and expertise, LyZadie Design Studio brings these visions to life. Melding traditional techniques with contemporary design, each piece of glass furniture becomes a testament to the marriage of artistry and engineering.

Imagine a coffee table where the surface seems to ripple like the surface of a tranquil river, or a platter that captures the fleeting beauty of raindrops falling on water. These are not just pieces of furniture; they are windows into a world where nature and design converge in harmony. Custom designed and made to order, these are works to be shared, delighted in and treasured.

As you sit amidst the elegance of glass furniture, you can’t help but feel a connection to the Milford Sounds, where every ripple tells a story of the timeless dance of rain and river. It’s a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the limitless possibilities that emerge when we draw inspiration from the natural world.


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