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Dark, lustrous, refined. The iridescent shimmer of the darting Tui is an iconic summer vision for all who love and visit New Zealand. The bolt of electric blue, emerald, and midnight black feathers all compete for dominance in their magnificent plumage. They are elegance personified, and yet, when they sing, the ruffle of white at their throat jumps and dances almost comically. It’s a concession to their beauty perhaps, an admission that as well as their sleek dark form, they possess a bright spark of humour and they are willing to let us in on the joke.

It is this elegance, paired with the Tui’s approachability, that inspired us to use the Tui as a starting point for this collection. The armchair, stool and dining chair hold a measure of the Tui’s dark grace but also encapsulate accessible comfort; a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. When the light catches the feathers rippling down the back of each piece, for a moment we are transported, almost able to see the bird alighting on a tree, ready to throw back its head and sing. Inspired by the precision of nature’s design, these pieces aim to combine form and function with breath-taking beauty.

As an iconic emblem of the precious status of New Zealand’s native wildlife, the Tui also reminds us of how to tread on our precious earth. LyZadie Design Studio has always been committed to making as minimal an impact on the planet’s limited resources as possible. We therefore committed to ensuring the design of this collection was founded on using upcycled, rescued and innovative sustainable biomaterials.

Working again with Tréology, a business that has held luxury furniture making in its heart for 150 years. Tréology’s commitment to nature is exemplary, rescuing timber to give it another chance at life therefore the native Matai used in each Tui piece is rescued from New Zealand’s winding rivers. Artist Ronja Schipper has an equally impressive commitment to valuing resources and has hand-crafted the feathers that adorn these pieces from entirely upcycled materials. Bespoke Timber’s attention to detail brings these elements together to well beyond industry standard and means each piece will stand the test of time. This is not work to be used and thrown away, but elegant design that echoes and glories in nature.


Giving back

Every time we sell a product in this collection we give back a percentage of the sales to Forest And Bird.

Inspired by the precision of nature’s design, these pieces aim to combine form and function with breath-taking beauty.

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