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Life As A Mother, Wife And Business Owner

Being a mother of young children, running a household and your own business creates high demands on my day to day schedule and on me – mentally, physically and emotionally.

I am lucky that I can sense when my body needs a break to recharge its batteries. Day to day I exercise by doing yoga, pilates, paddle boarding, running or walking to release all that stress and connect back to me. On the weekends I go on adventures in nature usually by the sea or in the forest. I also meet up with friends or family to connect as well and then of course the icing on the cake is being immersed in Nature. There is complete release and recharging on all levels when I am immersed in Nature.

Being Immersed In Nature

Mountain biking through forests or on mountain tracks, kayaking and exploring bays, paddle boarding and discovering new things, snowboarding and finding new tracks, scuba diving or free diving and being surrounded by this underwater world, surfing down a wave, sky diving and flying through the sky like a bird, hiking in the most beautiful forests, lying in the grass listening to music, reading a book on a chair in the forest are my ways of being immersed in Nature with my family or on my own.

Nature’s Effect On Us

Nature has the effect of calming and energizing us at the same time. After a day in the outdoors, with my family or/and friends, we feel so much more connected to each other, stronger, healthier and happier.

Those feel good endorphins are released when you are surrounded by Nature doing something you love. I find that I am more creative after a day outdoors as well.

In New Zealand

We are blessed to have Nature at our fingertips without having to drive that far – beautiful beaches with black sand or white sand depending on the coast you are on, forests, mountains, islands, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, glaciers, etc. I suppose as a New Zealander it’s a natural thing to go in the outdoors and share amazing moments with friends, families, children and your pets.


Connecting To Nature As A Creative Person

I am always fascinated by all those colours – I am amazed by the sheer variations of green for example, by all the patterns and textures, animals, rocks, insects and plants.

I see displayed everywhere I go in Nature so many different natural designs with different functions. The shape, the colour, the texture, the patterns, all catch my imagination.

I am inspired by how Nature blends beauty and function so easily with natural materials and in sustainable ways. Such a feat!

Nature is one of my main inspiration. It guides me to design products and spaces that blend beauty and function.

Inspired by Nature.



‘Cherish The Natural World Because You’re Part Of It And You Depend On It’

Sir David Attenborough

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