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What a year. We are so very thankful to have the ability to look back on 2020 and be able to see some light within the difficult times. If your journey has been a tough one, our hearts go out to you. Things have been rough for so many on so many levels, we recognize our privilege in being able to take stock, to reflect, to dream of a brighter time ahead.

 Firstly, apologies for the lack of communication in the last couple of months. This transformational year has been a whirlwind of local and global events which has had us questioning a lot of things. We are only really feeling the effect of it now.

 We Were Awarded Asia Pacific Business Awards 2020 – Most Sustainable Furniture Design Studio For New Zealand A Month Ago.

After such a challenging year this award is like a blessing, an unbelievable surprise. Rather than let this award be a one-off event, we decided to take a step back from work in the studio to reflect on what this sort of recognition means for us for the future. A clear direction is important to create positive change in our industry but also to inspire others to do the same in their respective industry.

Lyzadie, in nature, with the award.

APAC Asia Pacific Business Award 2020.

 It led us back to the start and soul of our business ethos. We went back to the initial inspiration and decided, yes, it still stands true as the torch that shines in the darkness, that will guide us into 2021 and beyond. Our soul is rooted in what Director, Lyzadie Renault’s mother’s culture instilled in her: a sustainable way of life. Her mother was part of a community in New Caledonia that lived completely off the land, connected with nature and each other. On this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they worked collaboratively, and constructively. They depended on the land for survival and looked after it with respect. A mutual respect and exchange took place. That sustainable connection to the land and the sea is what we acknowledge as the driver for the many decisions we take in the design studio now more than ever.

 Lyzadie’s Passion For Nature, Her Love Of New Zealand, This Land, The Earth, Of Helping Others, Music, Fashion, The Arts, Design, Craftsmanship And Architecture Are All Weaved Into The Soul Of The Business.

 To understand the soul of her business, is to understand her. Taking stock and ensuring the ethos of LyZadie Design Studio continues into the future is as important as ensuring the lights stay on. Because the soul of this company is its light. When a lighthouse shines bright in a storm it guides all who need it to calmer waters. This year has been a raging storm and we needed that light in the darkness to guide us to shore.

Being recognised for our work in sustainability has reinforced the efforts of the past two and half years with this business. It reminds us we have to keep going to create a positive change on this planet. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and that we have inspired others to do the same is the best part of it all.

 We will step into 2021 reassured that the soul of the business is its shining light. LyZadie Design Studio will continue to create beautiful collections and objects inspired by this land and her people. We will continue to collaborate and support local makers and use sustainable materials. We will continue to give back to social and environmental charities through the sales of our products and we will continue to inspire others to do the same. We will continue to investigate sustainable materials to create new collections.

 2020 has been a year of darkness and also of light. A year to look at what really matters and what we want to do in our personal lives as well as a collective people. What we want to do is infuse love into everything we do, into all our relationships, into all our products, into all our collaborations. And through our positive actions we want to create change for good. We welcome 2021 and the future as the most sustainable furniture design studio in Asia Pacific, but going forward, we challenge ourselves to be even better.

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