LyZadie Design Studio • Thank You – For tuning in to the positive-change that helps in creating a fairer, more sustainable world

We have long been aware of the privileged position our work allows us to inhabit. Designers, dreamers, makers, we are the builders of our own world. Fully committed to our goals of bringing sustainable, positive luxury design to the world, we also believe that carries with it a responsibility to support and celebrate the lives and work of others. For us, sustainability is more than just materials, more than supporting local makers and environmental standards. It is about a holistic approach to life. It is about the planet and her creatures. All of them.

That’s why we started our giving back program and committed to supporting a range of charities doing great work in New Zealand/Aotearoa. We try and support a variety of operations, small and large, many with a personal connection. Because of our commitment to sustainability, many of the charities focus on the environment, but we are also focused on supporting those who help our most vulnerable.

We’d like to highlight the amazing work of the charities we’re supporting this month:



New Zealand’s inspirational natural beauty and majesty owes much to the commitment of Forest and Bird. This group advocate for our flora and fauna, providing a voice to vulnerable species and environments since 1923. Their work has saved countless acres and species from extinction and they continue to advocate for better legislation and protections for our threatened species and places. We are proud that sales from our FLOW and BLACK TREE FERN Collections provide funds to help support their important work.



Managed by Project Crimson, a program that has been championing New Zealand native trees since 1990, Trees that Count seeks to directly counter climate change by simply, importantly, sustainable and consistently planting native trees. Hundreds of thousands have been planted this year alone, and if we are to continue to live on our planet, thousands more must be planted. We’re proud to support local work that will have such a huge impact on a global scale.



One in five New Zealand school children go to school hungry, some without breakfast or lunch and it’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. Many more children have poor or limited diets lacking in the amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for healthy development. The link between nutrition and learning has been well documented and Amigo saw the need for an affordable, supplemented food with a long shelf-life that would make up for some of the nutritional deficiencies in some kiwi kid’s lunches. It has developed a nutrient dense bar that’s tooth friendly as well as delicious which has been shared with hundreds of kiwi kids since launch in 2019. We are proud that sales from our WHITE CLOUD Collection provide funds to help support their important work.



Shine’s vision is Safer Homes in New Zealand Every day. Their mission is to stop domestic abuse in New Zealand. Every year, Shine directly helps thousands of adults and children who experience domestic abuse to be safer, and motivates hundreds of people – mostly men – that hurt their families to change their behaviour. Thousands more receive support and training to intervene and support people experiencing domestic abuse. Their Shine in School program also educates young people to be the champions of change. If you or someone you know requires support, do call the free national Helpline 0508-744-633. We are proud that sales from our EARTH&SKY Collection provide funds to help support their important work.


We believe sustainable business is all about long term support of the communities they spring from. Working on our environment, feeding hungry children, protecting the vulnerable, it’s what makes the world we live in and the work we do worthwhile. Your support of our work and ethos, your purchase of the pieces within our collection in the Giving Back program, is support of the valuable work and philosophies of these charities. Thank you. And thanks to these charities for the incredible work they do every day.

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