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The Wonder Of This Land Is In Every View.

Earth Day Is Every Day…

Don’t you know we bleed the same,

If you bleed, I bleed,

When you cry, I cry,

When you love, I am home,

My blood is yours,

Your blood is mine,

Always has been since the beginning of time,

You fill my veins with life,

I stand here,

Feeling your love run through me,

I am here for you,

Pick up my only weapon,

I’ll protect you,

I’ll heal you,

I’ll nurture you,

I’ll start with me, with love.


This sea is a perfect pool. Deep. Bountiful. Powerful.

This forest is a warm cocoon. Dark. Burgeoning. Alive.

This land is a full, rich beauty.

There are a multitude of beautiful spots in New Zealand: the richly painted curtain of land falling down to drink at the cup of deep green ocean; the shadow of a cloud passing and leaving the brilliant white of snow to glitter and laugh at the hope of tiny humans thinking they will conquer it; the dense, dripping heartbeat of ancient trees, standing, breathing, holding the earth firm under their feet. All of this, all of it, is a magnificent testament to the planet we call home.

During this time of lockdown, everyone at LyZadie Design Studio has had to stop and reflect on who we are and where we stand. For us, the wonder of earth has never been more poignant. In New Zealand, much has been made of the rest that the earth so urgently required happening not because of us, but despite us. As we say here in Aotearoa, Papatuanuku is sleeping and she deserves the rest. We too have embraced this rest as a time to reflect on why we do what we do, and what we want our reality to be when we come out of this rest-time into a new normal.

Standing on deserted beaches, or at the top of suburban hills, it’s easy to see how our earth relishes this rest too. Wildlife is rebounding in New Zealand. Native birds creep closer than ever before, growth spreads, sprawling without interruption, the air quality everywhere is incredible. Through it all, the light catches everything and makes our hearts beat fast, so fast. This could be so exciting. If we’ll let it.

It is this awe of our natural surroundings that inspires us to make work at the studio. To see nature, writ large all around us is what drew us to this country, and then to paint her hues in every design, every work we make. During this lockdown, it has become even more apparent how precious our land is. How precious our planet and her natural resources. But also, how lucky we are. To live in a land touched everywhere by green. To live in a land surrounded everywhere by water. We are the lucky ones.

So our commitment to our planet remains. In all the work we make we will be mindful of our planet’s resources. And we continue to give back to the many trusts and charities that have our country’s heart, earth, and sustainability at front of mind. Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We are looking forward to the next chapter.

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