LyZadie Design Studio • Under the same sky, we stand looking up.

In New Zealand for the longest time, the skies have been empty of clouds. The blue has stretched, bright, a path to the future, away above us. While the world locked down, New Zealand celebrated some of the cleanest air on earth.

During this time, a remarkable thing happened. The birds flourished. Without cars on the roads, the birds flocked to suburban neighbourhoods. They danced in the trees, unafraid of the thunder of air traffic overhead. They filled lawns, they called, they came close, unafraid of us mere humans walking amongst them.

The most audacious of all, was the sleek, darting Tui. Dark, lustrous, refined, these birds are iconic to New Zealand. Their iridescent shimmer is a reminder of summer, of bright blue skies. For us, they are a reminder of when we stood, looking up, and heard nothing but birdsong.

Photography by Craig McKenzie.

This attitude; a daring, unapologetic energy, is what first attracted Lyzadie to use them as the starting point for the TUI Collection. The armchair, stool and dining chair hold a measure of the Tui’s dark grace but also encapsulate accessible comfort; a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. When the light catches the feathers, rippling down the back of each piece, for a moment we are transported, almost able to see the bird alighting on a tree, ready to throw back its head and sing. Inspired by the precision of nature’s design, these pieces aim to combine form and function with breath-taking beauty.

TUI Stool – rescued river Matai, covered in Pinatex, steel frame and upcycled bicycle inner tubes for the feathers.

It is a joy to see this work heading out into the world, even as so much change has been affected across the globe. Because in beauty, in nature, we find so much to celebrate, and to remind ourselves of the place we will return to again.

As humanity grapples with enormous public health issues, we are reminded that the planet too grapples with threats to its existence. That is why we are so excited to create work like this. Why we have pledged to not fell a single tree for this collection. Rescued river timber is at the heart of each work. And the handcrafted feathers, seen worn as earrings by New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, are made from entirely upcycled material. Using natural, sustainably sourced, leather-alternative Pinatex on the bodies of each piece too is something we are immensely proud of.

TUI Armchair – rescued river Matai, covered in Pinatex and upcycled discarded bicycle inner tubes for the feathers.

These pieces sing, proud of their commitment to nature, just like their namesake. This is not work to be used and thrown away, but elegant design that echoes and glories in nature. Now, as drop restrictions and we return to an almost normal level of business and interactions in New Zealand, we stand looking up, and we are gratified to know we have contributed to ensuring the Tuis will sing for many more days to come.

Bethells Beach – photo taken by Lyzadie.

Because in beauty, in nature, we find so much to celebrate, and

to remind ourselves of the place we will return to again. 

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